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  1. It’s time for schools to upgrade both technology and pedagogy - by Larry Magid This post first appeared in the San Jose Mercury News As students return to school, it’s time to think about absolute necessities like pens, paper, school clothes, a laptop or tablet and, of course, a learning network … Continue reading
  2. IAC’s buys and hires a safety officer to stem bullying -, which is owned by IAC/InteractiveCorp., has acquired, a Latvia-based question and answer site that has come under criticism because of past incidences of bullying. The site, which allows people to anonymously ask questions of others, is widely used … Continue reading
  3. Safe computing includes minding your ergonomics -  I recently set up a new home office, which not only involved countless trips to Ikea, but also having to deal with ergonomics — something I hadn’t thought much about since the last time I set up an office. Merriam … Continue reading
  4. Safety, security and privacy risks of fitness tracking and ‘quantified self’ - Symantec is out with a report that raises questions about the safety and security of wearable technology. In a report, How Safe is Your Quantified Self, Symantec “found security risks in a large number of self-tracking devices and applications,” including the finding that “all of the … Continue reading
  5. Don’t let stalkers or abusers and creeps track your phone’s location - Modern cell phones know where you are. This can be a very good thing, but — in the wrong hands — it can also lead to potential abuse. As Kaofeng Lee and Erica Olsen point out in the article, Cell Phone Location, Privacy and … Continue reading
  6. Don’t let stalkers or abusers and creeps track your phone’s location - Read the full post at
  7. Let’s stop persecuting ‘Auschwitz selfie girl’ for smiling at a camera - I grew up Jewish so I’m naturally very sensitive to the horrors that took place at Auschwitz during the Holocaust. I’m also very critical of Holocaust deniers and those who would minimize what the Nazis did to Jews, gays and … Continue reading
  8. Privacy and security tips for newly-minted college students - This post first appeared on by Larry Magid Congratulations. After a long and sometimes stressful childhood you (or your teen) are ready for college. It’s a big step that involves a great deal of freedom and independence and an exciting … Continue reading
  9. LG’s new tracking watch for young children - There are lots of apps that can allow a parent to track their child’s phone. Assuming the phone and kid are together and the phone is turned on and in range, you can also use those apps to track your kid. … Continue reading
  10. The ‘real world’ is a lot more dangerous than cyberspace - by Larry Magid This post first appeared on The media is full of horror stories about online dangers, but — in all but a few categories — offline risk dwarfs its online equivalent. Stranger danger vs. trusted adults Let’s start with … Continue reading

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