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  1. Facebook’s ‘Nearby Friends’ feature: What you need to know - This post is adapted from one that first appeared on Facebook is rolling out a new feature for its mobile app that allows you to  share your approximate location with friends. The opt-in feature (it’s turned off by default) enables … Continue reading
  2. Anonymous isn’t synonymous with ominous - This post first appeared on CNET News by Larry Magid I’ve heard a lot of consternation about apps and sites that let users post anonymously and, indeed it is possible to use services like Whisper, Ask.FM, Secret, and Yik Yak … Continue reading
  3. How to protect your family from Heartbleed security flaw (Slideshow) - First, don’t panic. This is a serious problem but you need to put it into perspective. While there is clearly a vulnerability, there are so far no reports of the flaw being exploited. And even though this flaw has been … Continue reading
  4. The evolution of online safety: Lessons learned over 20 years - When I wrote the original version of Child Safety on the Information Highway (click here for 20th anniversary updated version), in 1994, “online safety” was largely defined as keeping kids away from porn and predators and the solution was pretty … Continue reading
  5. Safety through mindfulness: Watch ‘The Science of Character’ - I’m not sure who decided this but March 20th is “Character Day” and it’s also the day that filmmaker Tiffany Shlain released a superb 8 minute video, “The Science of Character.” In addition to making the film available, Shlain’s website … Continue reading
  6. danah boyd on why teens and social media are ‘complicated’ - This post first appeared on CNET When it comes to understanding how teens use social media, there’s perhaps no one more clued in than Danah Boyd, except maybe teens themselves. An ethnographer with a Ph.D. in information from the … Continue reading
  7. In defense of Internet safety education - There has been some discussion lately over whether there is still a need for Internet safety education. I say yes. It’s true, as some argue, that safety messages from the 90′s are way out-of-date. We no longer need to dwell … Continue reading
  8. Only 9% of adults say kids in their care have been bullied at school - In a new survey from Harris Interactive, 9% of adult respondents reported “My child or a child I am at least partly responsible for has been or is currently being bullied in school.”  Only 2% said that “My child or … Continue reading
  9. ‘Neknominate’ is a stupid and potentially deadly online dare game - The Irish Mirror calls it “sickening online drinking craze,” and that’s factually correct.  “Nekominate,” also known as neck and nominate, is a game that’s growing in popularity in Australia, the UK and parts of Europe where someone posts a video of … Continue reading
  10. Confessions of a ‘binge’ viewer - by Larry Magid I don’t mind admitting that, for the past few days, I’ve been a binge TV viewer. That’s because Netflix released the second season of its hit show “House of Cards” and, unlike traditional TV networks, the company … Continue reading

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