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  1. Larry Magid speaks with Mike Ribble about the meaning of ‘digital citizenship’ - Lots of people love to use the term “digital citizenship,” and while Mike Ribble doesn’t claim to have coined the term, he is often closely associated with it. Digital Citizenship in Schools (now in its second edition) was not only the … Continue reading
  2. Digital Trust Foundation seeking proposals regarding online privacy, safety and security - A new foundation, born out of a lawsuit regarding Facebook’s Beacon project, is giving away more than $6 million “to fund projects and initiatives that promote the cause of online privacy, safety, and security.” It seems like an eternity ago, … Continue reading
  3. Why cybersecurity is patriotic and humanistic - I’d like to add National Cyber Security Awareness Month to the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Veterans Day as yet another patriotic holiday. And while we’re at it, let’s make it a global celebration. That’s because protecting your own devices and accounts … Continue reading
  4. RESPECT: Makes young people safer online - The conversation around Internet safety has moved a long way since the 1990s when it focused mostly on porn and predators and we’ve even evolved since 2009 when ConnectSafely published Online Safety 3.0: Empowering and Protecting Youth. Along with colleagues, I’ve … Continue reading
  5. UN bringing child rights into the digital age - By Larry Magid In 1989 the United Nations passed an important human rights treaty. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) was ratified by all countries in the world except Somalia, Southern Sudan and — believe it or not — the … Continue reading
  6. IGF attendees complain about censorship in Turkey while some advocate it for youth - (Istanbul, Turkey)  Censorship is very much on the minds of attendees at this year’s Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul. One reason, of course, is because the meeting is being held in a country that has censored the Web. Earlier this … Continue reading
  7. Protecting children online needs to allow for their right to free speech - I’m writing this column on a flight to Istanbul and then on to Geneva for two United Nations conferences.  Istanbul is the site of this year’s U.N. Internet Governance Forum (IGF), while the Geneva meetings will focus on digital media … Continue reading
  8. It’s time for schools to upgrade both technology and pedagogy - by Larry Magid This post first appeared in the San Jose Mercury News As students return to school, it’s time to think about absolute necessities like pens, paper, school clothes, a laptop or tablet and, of course, a learning network … Continue reading
  9. IAC’s buys and hires a safety officer to stem bullying -, which is owned by IAC/InteractiveCorp., has acquired, a Latvia-based question and answer site that has come under criticism because of past incidences of bullying. The site, which allows people to anonymously ask questions of others, is widely used … Continue reading
  10. Safe computing includes minding your ergonomics -  I recently set up a new home office, which not only involved countless trips to Ikea, but also having to deal with ergonomics — something I hadn’t thought much about since the last time I set up an office. Merriam … Continue reading

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