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  1. Ford CEO Mark Fields on mobility, connected cars & teen safety - It may seem odd for an Internet safety site like to be featuring an interview with the CEO of a car company, but cars are no longer just motor vehicles. They’re connected computers on wheels. And Ford is no longer just … Continue reading
  2. Facebook to issue Amber alerts — exclusive interview with John Walsh - Facebook and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) are teaming up to put Amber Alerts about missing children on Facebook News Feeds, but only if they are in the targeted search area for an abducted child. A … Continue reading
  3. Connected devices at CES raise security, privacy and safety questions - It seems as if almost every exhibitor at CES was showing things that connect to other things. LG showed off washing machines and kitchen appliances that send messages to smartphones. Schlage announced a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock that enables iPhone users … Continue reading
  4. Researcher sets the record straight on teen sexting - I rarely blog about other people’s blog posts, but the post, “Chances are, Your Teen has NOT Sexted” by Dr. Justin Patchin is worthy of amplification and further comment. Patchin, who is a professor of criminal justice at the University … Continue reading
  5. Empowering youth to combat bullying & cyberbullying - Youth Bullying (and adult bullying too) has been around for a very long time, but over the past couple of decades it’s evolved — hence the term “cyberbullying.” At the end of the day, bullying — whether in school or … Continue reading
  6. Apps that encourage positive comments - A pair of relatively new apps are designed specifically to encourage positive comments. To learn more, CBS News Tech Analyst Larry Magid (who is also co-director of and founder of  spoke with Pascal Lorne of Let and Calvin … Continue reading
  7. Safety & civility advice for anonymous apps - A growing number of apps allow people to post anonymously. Some of the better known ones include, Whisper, Secret and Yik Yak but there are new ones all the time, including After School, that’s been downloaded more than 100,000 … Continue reading
  8. National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s ‘Tell a Trusted Adult’ video - A great way to teach young children the importance of reaching out for help if someone makes them feel uncomfortable. This is an effective video the explains what a “trusted adult” is and why children need to trust their own … Continue reading
  9. Online safety is not just about ‘life’ - One of the sessions at the Family Online Safety Institute conference that was held in Washington in November focused on re-defining online safety. During the session, a couple of smart people who I respect a great deal suggested that we should drop … Continue reading
  10. Survey finds parents mostly OK with kids’ use of tech - A survey released today by the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), found that “93% of parents feel that their child is at least somewhat safe when he or she is online,” while only 37% say their child is “very safe.” … Continue reading

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